Driving Instructor Qualifications – Matrix Guidelines - IGEQ

Driving Instructor Qualifications – Matrix Guidelines

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Level Driving Stable Management Teaching


1 st level driving with single or pair of horses/ponies. Harness horse(s) and drive safely in town and country.

Horse Health. Feeding. Care in stable and after work. Physiology. Care and maintenance of carriages.

Prepare a driving course. Demonstrate use of simulators. Teach practical lesson on harness, putting to and adjustments. No movements in driving


Competition with single or pair of horses. Complete 2 competitions: Dressage, Obstacles and Cross Country. Introduce horses to harness

Knowledge and care of harness. Recognise lameness and take suitable action. Fittening for competition. Further anatomy. Plan routines for staff and students. Communicate well with others and inter-relate.

Teach pupils from beginning to start of competition, including all disciplines.


Competition with pair or four in hand with Achenbach and two hand systems. Know rules for competition tests. Training programme for competition and marathon

Able to manage large stable. Manage people to enable efficient progression. Manage horses to maintain health and fitness. Manage business to maintain economic growth.

Train horses and drivers for national and international competitions.