Executive Committee - IGEQ

Members of Executive Committee

Christoph Hess (Germany) - Chairman

Christoph Hess

email:  Christoph Hess

Carole Payne (UK) - Secretary

Carole Payne

email:  Carole Payne

Kari Haimi (Finland)

Kari Haimi

Region 1 : Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland / Latvia / Lithuania / Estonia

Email: haimik25@gmail.com 

Anne d'Ieteren (Belgium)

Region 2: France / Belgium / Netherlands / Italy

Email: Anne d'Ieteren

Thies Kaspareit (Germany)  

Thies KaspareitRegion 3: Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Hungary

Email: Thies Kaspareit




Waclaw Pruchniewicz (Poland)

Waclaw Pruchniewicz

Region 4: Romania / Czech Republic / Poland / Slovenia

Email: waclaw@pzj.pl

Islay Auty FBHS (UK) - Vice Chairman

Islay Auty

Region 5: UK / Ireland / Israel / Bermuda / Palestine / China

Email: islayauty@talktalk.net

Di Pieterse (South Africa)

Di Pieterse

Region 6: Canada / South Africa / Malawi / Mauritious 

Email: di@worldonline.co.za

Filipe Santos Correia (Portugal)

Photo to follow 

'Region 7: Portugal / Spain / Mexico / Greece

Email: fcorreia@fep.pt

Alison Gestier (Australia)

Alison GestierRegion 8: Malaysia/Australia/New Zealand

Email:  Alison Gestier


The secretariat is responsible for routine administration, issue of passports to member federations, maintenance of a database of passports issued and organising annual conferences, observer visits, training seminars and meetings of the Executive Committee.

The Terms of Reference of this Group may be viewed by clicking here