Therapeutic Instructor Examinations Minimum Requirements - IGEQ

Therapeutic Instructor Examinations Minimum Requirements

Note: Must hold Level One Riding Instructor qualification

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Riding Practical Teaching Disabilities Horsemastership General

Mounting and Dismounting. Walk, trot, canter, diagonals, leading leg at canter. Demonstrate basic riding position. Natural aids and their application. Basic figures, movements

Conduct class lesson For disabled riders. Demonstrate mounting, dismounting. Assess individual riders - able bodied or disabled at walk, trot & canter. Discuss, develop plan lessons, goals, objectives. Discuss teaching skills used by variety of disabled riders.

Knowledge of disabilities as listed in syllabus. Know the basic characteristics and physical and psychological implications of teaching riders with these disabilities. Know how to handle spastic or flaccid limbs. Know precautions, contra -indications,human development and learning theory.

Basic anatomy and physiology. Recognise health and ill health. Care of horses in therapeutic work. Demonstrate correct technique for lungeing horse for exercise

Understand role of Instructor. Train and use volunteers appropriately. Administration, insurance, records, consent forms. Training and selection of horses to maintain standard . Safety guidelines