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Vaulting Instructor Qualifications

Vaulting Instructor Examination Minimum Requirements

Level Horse Vaulter Horse Vaulter
1 To work with a trained horse in all three gaits/paces. To train leisure Vaulters, beginners up to D level in compulsories and freestyle. Basic anatomy and physiology of the horse.
Recognising signs of good and ill health.
Caring for the horse in routine situations.
Knowledge of the code of ethics.
2 To choose, school and develop a horse to be used for vaulting. Recognise and correct faults. To train Vaulters up to A level in compulsories and freestyle. Communicate well with others. Further anatomy and physiology. Recognise lameness and take suitable action. Develop and maintain fitness for competition work Knowledge of rules and guidelines. All aspects of social, technical and psychological preparation for competitions.
3 To train and school a horse to its full potential To train and educate to a person's full potential and in complete harmony with the horse Knowledge of management of the horse, maintaining health and fitness Complete knowledge of the Vaulter, allowing him/her to perform to the best of their ability

Matrix Guidelines

Level Activity May Include Work With Status Workplace Recommended Training Time

Work under supervision of a Level 2 or Level 3 trainer.

  • Leisure vaulters, young vaulters, beginners.
  • Basic training on ponies and horses.
  • Precondition for training in the therapeutic field
  • Training of leisure vaulters.
  • Training to D level

Clubs or riding centres recommended or recognised by the National Federation and/or Government.

  • Minimum age-18 years
  • Training time - 2 years

Independent Vaulting Trainer

Train to A Level - both compulsory and freestyle

  • Instruction of trainers of Level 1
  • Training of groups from A-C level
  • Training of individual vaulters

Clubs, riding centres or riding schools recommended or recognised by the National Federation and/or Government

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Training time - 3 years training and experience from Level 1.

Independent Master Trainer


  • Training of Level 1 and Level 2 trainers
  • International level vaulters.

Freelance instructor or large centre.

  • Minimum age - 24 years
  • Training time - 3 years training and experience from Level 2


Country International Level 1 International Level 2 International Level 3 International Expert


Level 1 Vaulting





Czech Republic

Instructor for Vaulting

Trasiner for Vaulting II grade

Trainer for Vaulting I grade


BEES 1 Activities equestres Sportif option - voltige


Trainer C

Trainer B

Trainer A


Lovastorna oktató

Lovastorna edzo

Lovastorna szakedzo


Tecnico di Volteggio di 1 livello

Tecnico di Volteggio di 2 livello

Tecnico di Volteggio di 3 livello


Aspirant Voltigeleider


Instructeur 2 Voltige


Instruktor Woltyzerki

South Africa

EQASA Equestrian Coach (Vaulting) Level 1

EQASA Senior Equestrian Coach (Vaulting) Level 2

EQASA Master Equestrian Coach (Vaulting) Level 3


Bitr. Voltigeinstruktör




United Kingdom

BVA Level 1

BEV Level 1

BVA Level 2

BEV Level 2

BVA Level 3

BEV Level 3

BEV Level 4