Educated equestrians

= improved equine welfare!


This exciting new initiative will provide students with the opportunity to apply to their IGEQ Member, for a small, hardwearing, easy to carry record of their achievements and milestones during their student career. 

Each achievement will be verified (stamped+signed) by the training provider in the passport, which will provide their proven training history in one document. 

This may also include work experience, at home or abroad, student exchange visits, as well as the usual required steps on the road to a qualification.

We hope that in time this will reduce the need for bulky files of evidence which students are currently required to provide and maintain.

Student passports will only be available from participating IGEQ Members, who will set their criteria for the issue of the passports. 

Members wishing to issue student passports should read the Protocol pdf and then contact the Secretary for details of cost, etc.

Training Providers or Students interested in this passport should contact their National Federation direct.