IGEQ Mission Statement:

To improve horse welfare by developing, promoting and maintaining equestrian qualifications standards"

Better Teaching = Better Riding = Better Horse Care = Happy Healthy, Horses!

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The International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ) is an independent voluntary organisation of national equestrian federations (NFs) worldwide, which has compared and harmonised equestrian instructor qualifications, producing an agreed matrix of minimum requirements at 3 international levels for 6 disciplines. An Equestrian Passport is available for instructors of riding, driving, vaulting, western, tourism and therapeutic, holding eligible certification, (click here for information). The passport confirms and recognises the holders' qualifications, enabling recognition and acceptance in IGEQ member countries (subject to national legal requirements)..Note in some countries qualifications and licences are issued by a Ministry of Sport not the national federation. Any passport holder intending or planning to move to another country is strongly advised to contact the Federation in their chosen new country to check whether they will be eligible for a licence to teach BEFORE they make firm arrangements or move

The aims of IGEQ are:

To achieve these aims IGEQ offers:

IGEQ is delighted to confirm that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between IGEQ and the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).  In keeping with international trends, where more and more measures are being introduced world-wide to formalise equestrian education, this Agreement has as its objective cooperation between the two organisations for the betterment of education in the sport of horse riding.  The FEI offers a Coach Education programme through its Olympic Solidarity programme designed for developing countries.

IGEQ member National Equestrian Federations offer professional instructor qualifications, or have an interest in offering such qualifications.    

IGEQ member federations are also member federations of the FEI.

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