Riding Instructor Examinations Minimum Requirements - IGEQ

Riding Instructor Examinations Minimum Requirements

Note: Cross Country - in some countries Cross Country is not possible. Check passports for specialist qualifications and endorsements.

As from 2017 the Stable Management section of this Matrix is available as a stand alone qualification for the IGEQ Passport  "Horse Care and Management"..  A List of Eligible Qualifications willl be on this web site in due course.  

You can also download this table as a PDF file.


Level Riding Stable Management Teaching Notes


Novice D/Dressage A
Novice Show Jumping A
Riding Club/Eventing A

Basic anatomy & physiology.
Recognise health & ill health
Care for horses in routine situations.
Lunge a horse for exercise.

How to ride basic
dressage on trained horses. Jump to 85cms to establish balance &
Stable Management

Novice D - work a trained horse to basic dressage level
Show Jump – fences to 1m in good rhythm & style.
Cross Country – fences to 85cms in good rhythm & style.


Train school horses to maintain Elementary Dressage/L/C.
Show Jump to L/C/ Newcomers.
Cross Country to A/Novice Event.

Further anatomy and physiology.
Recognise lameness and take suitable action. Develop and maintain fitness for competition work.
Plan routines for staff and students. Communicate well with others and inter-relate

Classes and individuals up to elementary
dressage level L/C on trained horses.
Show Jump to 1.05m to develop awareness of stride control.
Cross Country to 1m.
Stable Management – practical and theory.

Elementary work with trained and young horses up to basic
lateral work, rein back, showing awareness of correctness of techniques.
Work a horse on the lunge to develop basic paces and balance. Show Jump–fences to 1.10m Cross Country-fences to 1.05m, showing effectiveness and awareness of going and terrain.


Train and school horses to Medium Dressage/M/B.
Show Jump to
Foxhunter/ L/C.
Cross Country to 2 star

Able to manage a large stable with all the required skills. Manage people to enable progression and
efficiency. Manage horses to maintain health and
fitness. Manage a business to maintain economic growth.

Classes and individuals up to Medium level.
Include further lateral work, demi-pirouette and flying changes.
Show Jump to 1.20m.
Cross Country to 1.10m.
Train others with young horses.
Pedagogic skills,
psychology of learning.
Communication skills

Medium work with trained and young horses up to more
advanced lateral work to include demi-pirouette, half-pass & flying changes, showing awareness of competition requirements.
Show Jump-fences to 1.20m
Including how to ride a course maintaining balance and
effectiveness. Cross Country-fences to 1.10m, understanding complex competition problems.
Work a horse on the lunge to develop self-carriage and enhance the paces.