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Frequently asked Questions 

Q    How do I get a passport?

A    If your country is a member of IGEQ, you need to contact the address on this web site and ask the procedure and cost.

Q    Can I get a passport if my country is not a member of IGEQ?

A    Yes, if you hold a qualification on the Eligible List, you should contact the Member

 that issued your qualification.

Q    I don’t live in the country where I gained my qualification , where do I get a passport?

A    The country where you are a permanent resident, pay taxes, etc, should issue you with a Passport, providing they are a Member of IGEQ and your qualification is on the Eligible List.

Q    How much does a passport cost?

A    Each IGEQ member sets the price they charge for a passport.

Q    My country does not offer qualifications, where can I get an eligible qualification?

A    Most of our Members allow candidates from other countries to take their exams.  Contact the member you feel best suits your needs.

Q    How do I get IGEQ qualifications?

A    IGEQ does not run examinations.  These are available from our Member countries.