Educated equestrians

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Enabling recognition for qualified equestrian educators

The Equestrian Passport offers easy to carry confirmation of educator qualifications (useful both at home and overseas) and is available only to those holding an eligible qualification on the current List of Eligible Qualifications, for each discipline (click on the name):  Riding (All Round), Driving, Vaulting, Western, Tourism,  Discipline Competition Coach (Show Jumping, Dressage & Eventing).  Therapeutic educators must hold a Level 1 riding qualification on the list to be eligible for a passport.  Only qualifications listed are accepted.  If your country is not a member of IGEQ, and you hold an eligible qualification, you may ask the Member that issued your qualification for a passport.

It enables educators to have their qualifications recognised and accepted in IGEQ member countries, thus easing the difficulties of teaching in other parts of the world (subject to national legal requirements).  Note that in some countries qualifications and licences to teach are controlled by Government.  All passport holders are strongly recommended to contact the federation of their chosen new country to ensure they will be eligible for a licence to teach BEFORE they make firm arrangements or move.  They should also apply for a passport from their home Federation BEFORE they move to another country.

The passport also reassures prospective employers that the holder is properly qualified and to what level.  Note: IGEQ passports are issued at 3 levels, therefore holders of qualifications listed in the International Expert column will receive a Level 3 passport.  The higher qualification will be shown on the Endorsement Page of the passport.

It is important to note that educators recognised by another IGEQ member  to work at the level of their passport are NOT eligible to receive a certificate at that same level.  Harmonisation does not give the right to demand a further certificate at the same level but it is possible to take the next level examination in another country if desired, as long as a Level 1 passport is held.

The passport is also a useful tool for members to record educator professional development and raise the profile of professional educator qualifications.

Members who wish to make changes to their entry in the List of Eligible Qualifications should contact the Treasurer.

A Member interested in, or wishing, to issue passports should read the attached Protocol for IGEQ Passport and then contact the Treasurer to order passports.

Educators wishing to apply for an IGEQ passport must apply to their Member country.  Passports are not available to individuals direct from IGEQ.