Educated equestrians

= improved equine welfare!


“To improve horse welfare by developing, promoting and maintaining equestrian qualification standards”

IGEQ (The International Group for Equestrian Qualifications) is a not for profit worldwide organisation dedicated to improving education and qualifications for all equestrians to improve the welfare of the horse.  Individual membership is not possible.

Membership of IGEQ is voluntary and open to any National Equestrian Federation, Governing Body or other organisation authorised by Government to deliver equestrian qualifications.   However, it is not a requirement to have a qualification and examination system in place.  Membership offers many benefits, including priority for delegates to attend the Annual 2-day Autumn Conference, held in a different host country each year.  Although individual membership is not possible, anyone with an interest in equestrian education is welcome to apply to attend the Conference, subject to availability.  Check out the benefits of membership below.

Membership offers: 

  • The Annual Conference offers the chance to meet with professional equestrian educators from member countries,  including practical standard setting sessions, informative workshops and discussion. 
  • An opportunity to have current qualifications mapped against internationally agreed minimum standards at 3 International levels.
  • Once formally accepted as eligible, qualifications are recognised and accepted by all members of IGEQ, (subject to national legal requirements), and are also eligible for the IGEQ passport.
  • Authority to issue Passports to those holding a qualification on the List of Eligible Qualifications for Riding (All Round), Driving, Vaulting, Tourism, Western and Discipline Competition Coach (Show Jumping, Dressage & Eventing). Therapeutic instructors musts hold a Level 1 Riding (All Round) passport. Link
  • Help and expert advice from IGEQ to develop a new robust qualification/examination system if required.
  • Opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge, expertise, guidance and practical help from senior industry professionals and Members worldwide.
  • Opportunity to visit established national education centres/colleges.
  • Maintain standards and/or improve a current system by requesting an Observer visit (part funded by IGEQ).
  • Examiner Training seminars held bi-annually to coincide with Conference.

IGEQ has compared and mapped equestrian qualifications, producing an agreed matrix of Minimum Requirements and Guidelines at 3 international levels for Riding (All Round), Driving, Vaulting, Western, Tourism, Discipline Competition Coach (Show Jumping, Dressage & Eventing) & Therapeutic at Level 1.

The aims of IGEQ are:

  • Promote education in horse care and management, which is fundamental to improving horse welfare.
  • Increase membership to promote professional training and education of equestrian educators world-wide.
  • All equestrian educators to be educated to the minimum standards of the IGEQ matrix & Guidelines to enable them to gain a recognised professional qualification.
  • All Members to offer the IGEQ Passport and all educators to hold an IGEQ passport.
  • Organise examiner training clinics.
  • Keep abreast of developments in the industry and share best practice with members.
  • Encourage continuing professional development of equestrian educators.
  • Protect the interests of professional equestrian educators.
  • Cooperate positively with other equestrian organisations, e.g. FEI (Federation Equestre Interntionale), EEF (European Equestrian Federation), EEN/Equestrian Educational Network), FRDI (Federation of Riding for the Disabled International), and FITE (Forum For International Tourism and the Environment) to promote equestrian qualifications.

IGEQ is delighted to confirm it has signed a Memorandum of understanding with the Federation Equestre Interntionale (FEI).  In keeping with international trends, where more measures are being introduced world-wide to formalise equestrian education, this Agreement has as its objective cooperation between the two organisations for the betterment of education in the sport of horse riding.  

The FEI offers a Coach Education programme, through its Olympic Solidarity programme, designed for developing countries.

IGEQ Members offer professional instructor qualifications, or have an interest in developing such qualifications.  

IGEQ Members are also members of the FEI.